Outsourced HR

Why use outsourced Human Resources and Industrial Relations?

Every business, regardless of its size, spends a large portion of time dealing with their people and certain obstacles and paperwork that come along with employees, especially in businesses that are not large enough to warrant their very own Human Resource department. In cases like these, expanding companies tend to delegate these functions to already existing staff members, however this consumes the internal resources at the expense of the core functions that made the business profitable in the first place.


Human resource and industrial relations outsourcing has numerous benefits including the improvement of risk management. Complying with legislation during disciplinary hearings, retrenchment procedures, transfers of business undertakings etc is crucial and reduces the risk of landing up at the CCMA for procedural and substantive fairness in dealings with employees.


Investing in the services of Johannesburg Labour Consultants, enables you to change your fixed costs into variable costs as well as increases the commitment and energy to the imperative noncore aspects of your business whilst still reducing overheads.


Another advantage of HR/ IR outsourcing is staffing flexibility, especially with operations that may have seasonal demands. Outsourcing allows you to utilise these resources when you require them and release them when you’re done. Our consultants will guide and advise management on HR/ IR related issues, and in doing to, develop your managerial staff skills on managing their own employees.


Investors demand a focused management that delivers.


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